Progressive Jackpot Slots Offer Large Winnings

Everybody likes to be a winner, and playing progressive jackpot slots online is one way to rack up winnings from the comfort of your own home. Nearly 100 titles, with interesting themes and exciting features and free slots, are waiting for thrill-seeking gamers to play and enjoy. Playing with friends will increase the fun and excitement of online gambling.

The games include varieties of slot themes progressive classic slots, 3D options like the 3D slot game, fruit machines and games with videos. From those with horror themes to superhero themes, and from titles featuring popular movie characters to mythical creatures, these online titles have it all. Software developers continue to work toward creating unique and innovative games for players all over the U.S. The more people who play the online titles, the higher the jackpot will become for the ultimate winner.

One of the newest titles that players will relish playing is Treasure Twirl. Winners have garnered up to a quarter of a million dollars playing Treasure Twirl due to the fact that players can wager 3 coins for each spin. Even better odds are possible for those who play the bonus offers Round Twirl. Powered by Playtech, one of the trailblazers in the industry, Treasure Twirl will bring hours of enjoyment to online gamers all over the country.

One of the most popular in gambling industry among the new progressive jackpot slots is The Incredible Hulk. Fashioned after the popular superhero, the slot game features 5 reels and 25 paylines which total 3 progressive jackpots. The Incredible Hulk has some interesting twists like scatter payouts, second screen bonuses, multipliers, and free games. Avid players will have great fun when playing this clever and inventive slot.

The Gladiator machine is one of the comic book slots most sought after of the online titles. Featuring characters from the famous movie of the year 2000, this title has paid out as much as $2 million to a single winner. Players will fight for their freedom against fellow gladiators in the famous Roman Coliseum as they strive to win bonus rounds and progressive jackpots. Movie characters are featured in the game, and when winning combinations of the movie stars line up, the lucky winner will be treated to an exciting scene from the movie.

The progressive jackpot slots will continue to award bold players with large winnings and plenty of online gaming fun. Whether playing alone or with a room full of friends, the titles will surely provide hours of enjoyment to everyone who signs on and plays.