Embracing Nostalgia In Comic Book Slots

Available in certain online establishments is a comic book slots with a Spiderman theme that adds a new dimension to this classic casino game available at antiqueslots.net site.

A new, very different version of the classic casino activity features different graphics, a mini-game system and plenty of opportunity for extra cash. Available as both an instant play and via download (though no mobile options exist yet), the game is accessible, easy to understand, and very nostalgic, as it is based on various comic books featuring Spidey and his nemesis, the Green Goblin and marvel slots games. The central character spends most of the time perched onscreen, offering various interactions with the user. The most interesting part, however, happens when a bonus symbol appears on reels 1, 3, and 5, which prompt Spidey to leap off the screen and begin a mini-game selected randomly based on comic books that appear to alert the player as to what they'll be participating in.

In the "City Chase" bonus, players assist chasing down the Green Goblin across the city by choosing through various options to collect prizes in the progressive jackpot slots games. Certain hidden options will end the round early, however, unless the participant spun a comic logo beforehand. Spinning a "spider sense" logo beforehand will reveal all of the potential prizes instead. In "Hot Zone," participants are rewarded with 20 free spins. At one point throughout, a 2x2 square will become frozen in place thanks to Spidey's web. In the "Radioactive" bonus, 15 free spins are awarded and an extra symbol is thrown in - a radioactive spider which, when hit, acts as a wild and turns the symbol on reels 2 and 4 into additional wilds.

In "Ultimate Fight," players assist in a fight against Green Goblin and complete with life bars that are depleted based on symbols they choose, resulting in cash bonuses each time the Green Goblin is damaged and even more should he be defeated. In "Rivaling," 10 free spins are awarded with a 1x multiplier playing free slots game. Getting a comic logo on reel 3 will freeze that counter, effectively giving unlimited spins. Receiving the logo after that will increase the multiplier to a maximum of 5, while a Green Goblin logo releases the counter and resets the multiplier.

This form of comic book slots is a very different, very engaging, and is a potentially extremely profitable extension of the game that should prove enjoyable for most people, and even a little nostalgic for others.