Be the Hero with Marvel Slots Online Games

Every little kid knows about the Marvel characters: Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and the Avengers--but superheroes aren't just for kids anymore, play different slots at Playtech has licensed a variety of these characters to bring them to life in a brand new fashion. These beloved superheroes are being used in some of the most entertaining web casino options available for comic book-loving, gambling adults to enjoy.

A Dream Come True

These characters have experienced a recent boom in popularity like the classic slots. From movies to clothing lines, the likes of Thor, Loki and the Avengers have been growing in demand, and have amassed an impressive following. It only seems natural that leaders of the web gambling industry would take note. Playtech has paid close attention to the wants of its customers, and has created a selection of Marvel slots online animations for gamblers to enjoy. These casinos feature Elektra, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, X-Men, Incredible Hulk, Blade, and Iron Man with 3 reel slots or 5 reel slots game. The animations of all of these options are of the highest quality and this is exactly what gamers have come to expect. Most of the choices feature 25 paylines with 5 reels; the goal is to match as many symbols as possible, but each option has its own special features. For instance, the Iron Man 2 slot gives players 10 free spins that starts with a 2x multiplier on every win, and with each win, the multiplier goes up by 1. There is also a jackpot drawing those who participate in Marvel slots online. The prize is random and anyone can win. Wagering larger amounts during spins increases a person's chances of triggering it, and if it is triggered, the participant is taken to a screen with 20 squares, each hiding one of four symbols. The goal is to uncover the squares and match three of the symbols. Once the symbols have been found, the winner receives the prize! At times, it has reached totals of $600,000; however, it is much more common for people to win smaller amounts. Marvel slots online are lots of fun to play, but they aren't the only choices available. Playtech has a variety of options featuring comic book characters, like the Iron Man 2 scratch card with winnings up to $10,000!

You can enjoy the wonderful world of superheroes for yourself when you seek out these fantastically beautiful titles with excellent opportunities to win with top game slots. These games offer a great change of pace from run-of-the-mill slots machines.